who i am, generally speaking

my work

As an artist, photographer and writer, I find myself gravitating toward the narrative and looking for a story within every person I encounter and destination I explore. Everyone has a unique story worth telling, whether it's building a brewery from the ground up, celebrating a milestone, coming together for a special family reunion or simply selling fruit at a farmer's market. 

I love to travel, meet new people and gain and understanding of worlds and cultures I've never known. I enjoy being a fly on the wall, observing and capturing life's simple and quiet moments because real life and beauty tends to be in the unexpected. And I live for capturing the big moments, such as the birth of a child or a celebration of love.


I started out as a public relations professional in the corporate world, and after wearing suits and trying to make it work for almost seven years, I walked away to pursue my creative passions. 

A writer at heart, creative in spirit and photographer and artist by trade, I have difficulty summarizing my career in just one word. My business card says photographer, writer and maker of things, so we'll go with that.

I graduated with honors from UT Austin in both public relations and advertising in 2006. I recently went back to school to study visual arts and creative writing at UT Dallas and graduated in the fall of 2015. I currently live and work in Dallas, Texas.

what i do in life

lifestyle photography

I most enjoy telling stories and capturing pure and honest moments. I photograph newborns, mommies-to-be, seniors, families, holidays, reunions, milestone birthdays, lovebirds, weddings, you name it. Sometimes I bring goldfish for the kiddos. Contact me for lifestyle and wedding rates.

narrative photography

My specialty is documentary photography, where I focus on people, places, events, cultures and communities in both significant and everyday settings. I have a particular love for "day in the life" and birth stories, which offer an intimate glimpse into life's most beautiful moments.

commercial + product

My background and training
in fine art, design and fashion/retail guides my passion for commercial and product photography and gives my clients a unique aesthetic. I also provide head shots, company and environmental photos. Contact me for commercial rates.

fine art

My experience and formal education in painting, mixed media, printmaking and creative writing also plays a crucial role in who I am as a photographer. I bring my fine art background and in-depth knowledge of art and design with me everywhere I go as inspiration.

get in touch

I'm always happy to chat, grab a beer, share ideas and talk about the meaning of life. And of course I'm available for lifestyle, narrative, commercial and wedding photography. Please contact me for rates.

I'm located in Dallas, Texas, but am more than happy to travel to just about anywhere in the world. 


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